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1 box of Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink and 1 bottle of Skin Woof Original Vitamins for healthy, radiant and beautiful skin.

Both products have been designed to work together to complement each other and the overall outcome to the health and appearance of the of your skin. Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink works from the inside out to promote youthful skin and anti-aging benefits and Skin Woof Vitamin Original works to support skin health and appearance. 

You can find out more about the benefits of both products in the bundle by clicking on the links below:

- Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink

- Skin Woof Original Vitamins


For Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink, fill a glass with 400ml of water and then empty contents of 1 sachet into it (dilute further to taste preference if required). Mix until the powder has dissolved then drink and enjoy.

Take 1 sachet of Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink per day when looking to maintain healthy skin.

Take 2 sachets of Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink per day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening when beginning your regime as a loading dose or continuously when you wish to raise the amount of Collagen in your daily intake.

For Skin Woof Original Vitamins, to achieve optimal results two capsules should be taken per day, preferably in the morning with your first meal. Each bottle contains 60 capsules (1 months supply).


Our products are manufactured in GMP quality assurance certified facilities in the UK.

To see the ingredients in each of our formulas please click the links below to visit their dedicated product pages:

- Skin Woof Collagen Beauty Drink

- Skin Woof Original Vitamins


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