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5 unhealthy habits that may be ruining the appearance of your skin

5 unhealthy habits that may be ruining the appearance of your skin

We usually invest so much time and money in caring for our skin. We cleanse, we exfoliate, we moisturise - yet some of us still suffer from frustrating skin problems. If you are one of those people who still find themselves breaking out for no reason, then it might be a good time to look at your bad skin habits that could be undermining the health of your skin. Below we have listed 5 unhealthy habits that may be ruining the appearance of your skin.

1. Smoking

“Smoking kills” phrase is very familiar to us for a reason. Smoking is well known to cause a large number of negative health effects, including chronic and deadly lung diseases. But if you think that lungs are the only organs affected by this bad habit, you need to think again. Skin, our largest body organ, can also be severely damaged by cigarettes. Smoking is well known to damage your skin’s collagen fibres and speed up ageing, giving you wrinkles and saggy skin. The more you smoke, the more wrinkles you get. So if you don’t want to look older than you actually are, it is time to quit.

2. Skin picking

Picking is definitely one of the worst bad habits you could possibly have for your skin. It is so tempting to squeeze those pimples, but you should resist that temptation. By popping spots you push bacteria deeper into your skin that can result in inflammation and scarring. You do not want to have any scar marks or hyperpigmentation on your face if you can help it! The best thing you can do is to leave it up to a professional who knows how to handle this without causing any damage to your skin.

3. Dehydration

You have heard it before, 2 litres of water a day minimum. Water is basically good for everything, not just your face. However, the lack of hydration will most definitely show up in your skin appearance. Water helps your body get rid of the toxins and increase blood flow, making your skin look more radiant and glowing. It also helps get rid of the acne by preventing the buildup of oil that clogs your pores. Basically, water is your best friend.

4. Going out all the time

I get it, some of us enjoy pulling all nighters and going on bar crawls whenever we can. Let us tell you, as fun as it can be, too many of these nights are not so good for your skin and overall well being. Whilst alcohol is well known to cause severe dehydration of your body and skin, the lack of sleep can cause premature ageing. By not giving yourself enough sleep, you stop your skin from rejuvenating and refreshing itself overnight, making it look dull and unhealthy. Treat your skin to at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night; it will thank you for it!

5. Dirty bedding

Not changing your bed sheets regularly, especially pillowcases, can cause your skin to break out and even make you sick, which will obviously not have a good impact on your overall health. Your pillowcases collect all the bacteria and oil that can easily sink into your pores as you sleep. It might be a bit of a task, but it is essential that you wash your sheets once a week to give your skin a clean sleeping environment.

Here they are, our 5 unhealthy habits that may be ruining the appearance of your skin. As we have already mentioned before your beauty routine should not only consist of the external facial care, but it should also include a healthy diet and healthy everyday habits that help your skin to thrive. At Skin Woof we know it can be difficult to find the time to maintain the right diet for healthy skin. Our vitamins have been specifically formulated to give your skin all the nutrients and vitamins it needs in order to flourish and stay healthy.

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